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preis der stadt wörgl

On August 26th Adriana González received the "Preis der Stadt Wörgl" given by mayor Hedi Wechner.

After participating at the Academia Vocalis masterclass with Karlheinz and Verena Hanser, Adriana was chosen, along with fellow participant Alexander Grassauer, to win the 2020 prize.

The occasion was celebrated with a recital concert where both Adriana and Alexander sung art song, arias and duets from composers like Brahms, Dussaut, Covatti, Schubert, Puccini, Donizetti and Gounod, among others. They were accompanied at the piano by Jonathan Ware.

She is the first Guatemalan to get this prize and it is given with the support of the Madersbacher family.

Photo copyright by Academia/Dabernig.

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