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L'Enfant Prodigue at Opéra National de Lorraine

Salle Poirel, Nancy, France

At the beginning of the month I found myself in the beautiful city of Nancy, France. It was my first time there and WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CITY! Not only was I inspired by the Place de Stanislas (of course), but as well by the richness of the city's history. I was visiting to sing Lia in Debussy's L'Enfant Prodigue as the Opéra National de Lorraine was celebrating Debussy's 100 year death anniversary. So we headed to the Salle Poirel with my colleagues Jean François Lapointe (Siméon) and Marc Laho (Azaël) to work with resident conductor Rani Calderon.

It was an amazing discovery for me to sing this piece with orchestra and such amazing colleagues! And as a young guatemalan singer, to be able to sing this beautiful french repertoire was a real treat!

I am very grateful to everyone who attended, and a big thank you to Ôlyrix and Bachtrack for being there too! Here's what they had to say:

"The young Guatemalan soprano embodies Lia as an opera scene, as she accompanies the words of her character in a poignant scene play, with closed eyes or a look filled with pain at the mention of "l'enfant qu'elle n'as plus"."

- Céline Wadoux by Ôlyrix.

Read the full article in french here.

"Adriana Gonzalez, a young soprano worthy of conquering the biggest stages, only needs but a few seconds to seduce you as Lia."

- Beate Langenbruch by Bachtrack.

Read the full article in french here.

Sending you all good vibes and thanking you for your support,

P.S. As always, I am very happy to hear back from you. So send me a shout out by mail at or on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!


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