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"in sickness and health" single release

On September 10th, 2021 Audax Records releases the second single of Adriana González & Iñaki Encina Oyón's second album: "In Sickness and Health".

The single is available on all digital platforms.

the lyrics of "in sickness and health"

"In Sickness and Health" is the first song of the last cycle that Isaac Albéniz composed when he was already on his death bed. This song is dedicated to his friend Gabriel Fauré.

" When you in sickness lie, No more the field is green, nor blue the sky;

No more invisible and lovely things The forest haunt with songs and rustling wings,

Back from my stricken sense the world recedes

And beauty’s garden is a patch of weeds.

Then can I hear in music’s blithest tone

Nought but the closing cadence of a moan;

Then can I joy no more in sound unheard

Save in the silence of the written word; The melodies that once could charm my ear

Forbode some final dissonance of fear.

Earth has no health, when health from you is fled;

No angel stands between the quick and death;

The awful unity of life and death Is sacramental in your labouring breath, And as I watch you I can hear Him call

Who is the king of nothing or of all.

But ah, your nature surely cannot owe To that grim tyrant such an overthrow; You seem a creature of an alien strain From force and fate, and unallied to pain;

Could you but meet their Master, little while

Would lapse ere you had won him to a smile. "

listen to "In sickness and health" now

If you're a Spotify user, follow Adriana's Artist Profile here.

pre-order albéniz: complete songs now

You will receive a signed copy of the album when you preorder before October 15th at the Audax Records website.

This project is possible thanks to the kind support of the Fondation Jean-Luc Lagardère.

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