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Operalia first prize 2019

On July 26th, 2019 Adriana González became the first Guatemalan woman to win Placido Domingo's Operalia Competition. She was granted the First Prize and the Pepita Embil Zarzuela Prize.

Adriana sung ‘Amour, ranime mon courage’ from Gounod's Roméo et Juliette and ‘Goizeko eguzki argiak’, from Guridi's Mirentxu, both conducted by Placido Domigo at the National Theater in Prague.

Placido Domingo's Operalia

"Operalia was founded in 1993 by Plácido Domingo to discover and help launch the careers of the most promising young opera singers of today. Operalia’s goal is to attract singers between the ages of eighteen and thirty-two, of all voice types from and all over the world, to have them audition and be heard by a panel of distinguished international personalities, in the most prestigious and competitive showcase in the world.

Each year, the Competition receives hundreds of applications. A pre-selection jury listens to every recording submitted and chooses the top candidates (between 30 and 40) to participate in that year’s competition. The international jury, presided by Plácido Domingo, listens to each of the chosen participants during two days of quarterfinals. Twenty participants are then selected to continue on to the semifinals, and ten singers are chosen for the finals. The quarterfinals and semifinals are carried out in audition form, but the final round is presented in the form of a gala concert accompanied by full orchestra."

To follow Adriana's news at the Operalia website, click here.

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